Bird watching in Bhutan

Bird Watching in Bhutan

Bird watching in Bhutan is they another experience in Bhutan considering our natural forests have a large variety of bird species.  Bhutan is a hub of 221 global endemic bird areas and is known as the East Himalayan hotspot. Till date 670 bird species has been discovered and recorded in Bhutan and the number is increasing. From the 670 species discovered, 415 are resident bird species which are altitudinal refugees travelling around the mountains as per the seasons and weather conditions, around 50 species are birds that migrate during the winters and around 40 are partial migrants. Some of the winter migrants are buntings, waders, ducks, thrushes, black necked cranes and other birds of prey. And some of the partial migrants include species such as swifts, cuckoos, bee-eaters, fly catchers and warblers.

More than 20 species of birds found in Bhutan are endangered worldwide. The given below are the lists of endangered birds found in Bhutan.

1. Baer’s Pochard
2. Beautiful Nuthatch
3. Black-necked Stork
4. Blackish-breasted Babbler Blyth’s Kingfisher 
5. Chestnut-breasted Partridge 
6. Dark-rumped Swift 
7. Eurasian Curlew 
8. Eurasian Peregrine Falcon
9 Ferruginous Duck 
10. Gray-crowned Prinia 
11. Great Hornbill
12. Lesser Fish-eagle 
13. Palla’s Fish-eagle 
14. Pallid Harrier 
15. Rufous-necked Hornbill 
16. Rufous-throated Wren-babbler 
17. Satyr Tragopan 
18. Ward’s Trogon 
19. White-rumped Vulture
20. White-throated Bushcat 
21. Woodsnipe 
22. Yellow-rumped Honeyguide 
23. Black-necked Crane 
24. Imperial Heron 
25 White-bellied Heron 

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