Pandemic and Tourism in Bhutan

Pandemic and Tourism in Bhutan

Now tell us who hasn’t heard about Bhutan? and who all are interested about the Pandemic and Tourism in Bhutan?

Yet surprisingly, the then US president Donald Trump thought it was a part of India. He is also said to have humorously pronounced Nepal as “Nipple” and Bhutan as “Button”. 

Yet many countries know Bhutan as a land of Gross National Happiness. People from different pockets of the world come to see the pristine natural vegetation and breathe the air that’s perhaps fresher than in any other country. With her most unique and well-preserved age old tradition and culture, Bhutan gained popularity over years. 

Like any other nation, Bhutan is also hit hard by COVID19 pandemic. Bhutan’s highest revenue generation fields have been crippled and she saw worryingly declining economic stability. 

Amongst others, tourism is one of the lucrative and flourishing business sectors. Thousands of youths earned their livelihood from this business as they worked as drivers, guides, butlers, housekeepers and all other sorts of jobs. Children coming from unstable economic family background always found job and found means to support their family.

But COVID19 hit this happy nation hard as well. Those thousands employed in the tourism sector went jobless. Like never before, they were dumbfounded and saw no road ahead to lead their lives. As the tourists coming into Bhutan were at halt, until the time no one knew, the tourism company; some well-established, some at the peak of saying, “now we are established”, some just sprouting and aspiring to establish the business all shrunk into their fate of pandemic. Hence the agencies could not afford to keep paying their employees without the business running. How could they? Their livelihood had come to stake at that moment.

They all had to find their ways into the dark days.

Many went back to village and started farming and selling vegetables. Some were involved in construction of footpath trails, some started running small retail shops and some we don’t even have idea about what they would be doing.

Then came golden words from the golden throne. Our beloved King granted welfare to all the jobless, whose livelihood was affected by the pandemic, for their survival. Kidu – meaning welfare! People with family to support received Nu.10,000/- and some received Nu. 8000/-. Thousands were relieved from their nightmares and no words were enough to express how grateful they were to the King. Our King is not a human in any form. He is the real God walking on the earth. On his command, all the loan interests of every citizen are waived off since the day of the pandemic hit to this day.

 Our king has been on the move day-in, day-out making sure the citizens are safe from the deadly virus. He has literarily walked for months surveying boundaries adjacent to India lest the virus should sneak in. He has used his personal savings for the welfare of the people. The country’s economy has dwindled dangerously and there is hue cry from people for the virus to disappear. 

Living with the virus

Now, like many other nations Bhutan has also come to a stage where we have achieved herd immunity. Most of the citizens have received third to fourth dose of the COVID Vaccine. We are protected from the effects of infection. And gradually we have moved from a stringent measure of Black-out periods to the relaxation phase. We are also prepared and ready to take in tourists wishing to visit Bhutan. We have carefully calculated each step of relaxation, and with the proper guidance from our visionary king, we are well prepared to stand right back and fight the formless enemy.

So, Neptune Holidays Bhutan extends our heartiest welcome to all the global citizens of the world to come and feel the freedom and make your dreams come true to see this heavenly nation, stretch your limbs and experience this new phase of COVID endemic with us!

Our services are at the best for you!


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