Eights Auspicious Sign - Khorlo

The Eight Auspicious Signs (Tashi Tagye)

The eight auspicious signs of Himalayan Buddhism are objects used in religious observances. In Bhutan many houses and temples are decorated with eight auspicious signs.

Eights Auspicious Sign - Khorlo

Khorlo (Dharma chakra)

It is the precious wheel of Buddha’s Doctrine

Eights Auspicious Sign - Dungkar

Dungkar (Conch Shell)

It is the symbol of the deep and melodious sound of Dharma teachings

Eights Auspicious Sign - Palbheu

Palpheu (Endless Knot)

It represents the mind and union of wisdom and compassion

Eights Auspicious Sign - Gyaltshen

Gyaltshen (Victory banner)

It represents the victory of the Buddhist doctrine over harmful forces.

Eights Auspicious Sign - Lotus

Padma (Lotus)

It is a symbol of the purifications of the body, speech and mind.

Eights Auspicious Sign - Sernya

Sernya (A pair of Golden Fish)

It is a symbol of the auspiciousness of all beings in a state of fearlessness without drowning in the ocean of suffering.


Bumpa (Treasure Vase)

It represents long life wealth and prosperity


Dug (Parasol)

It is a symbol of activity of preserving beings from illness and negative forces.

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