The Best Tourist Destination - Bhutan

Bhutan – The Best Tourist Destination

Bhutan – the best tourist destination sought after by world travelers and adventure seekers. Bhutan is a country of pristine natural beauty with untouched and natural landscape. It has an area of 38394 sq. km. It is located in the eastern Himalayas, bordered by China to the north and India to the east, west and south. Bhutan’s national population is approximately 7, 00,000 people.

Bhutan has been recognised as one of the few ecological hotspots in the world. In a world dominated by rapid urbanization, Bhutan stands apart as a tiny green haven for nature lovers. Nearly 72% of Bhutan is covered by natural forest.
The grandeur landscape of Bhutan is complemented by the revered traditions and customs of the Bhutanese people. These Bhutanese customs include colourful festivals called ‘tshechus’ celebrated with traditional dances, mask dances and music in the open courtyards of the Dzongs (fortresses).These festivals in Bhutanare celebrated in various Dzongkhags (districts) at different times of the year. 

If happiness is what you are looking for come to the Kingdom of Bhutan. It is a country that gave birth to the concept of “Gross National Happiness.” Bhutan is the only place where Gross National Happiness is the  development philosophy. Nonetheless this “Land of Happiness” is rich in its unique culture and pristine natural beauty. When the whole world is heavily conquered by urbanization; however Bhutan stands apart as a tiny, green and culturally unique haven. Bhutan happens to be the first carbon negative country in the world!

The Kingdom of Bhutan opened its doors for tourism in  1974. Bhutan is a travel destination highly sought after by the travelers and adventure seekers. Bhutan’s location in the eastern Himalayas and  70% of untouched forest coverage therefore makes it one of the few ecological hot spots. Tourism in the Kingdom of Bhutan also include adventure tours such as trekking, rafting, Bhutan Birding tours, cycling trips, fly fishing trips, Motor Biking and many more.

The magnificence of the Kingdom of Bhutan is complemented by its renowned culture, tradition and the unique Bhutanese Art and Architecture. These unique tradition and custom includes the festivals of Bhutan known as “Tshechus”. These festivals are another big attraction to travel to the Kingdom of  Bhutan. The ancient Dzongs and monasteries, unique village houses, untouched natural environment and friendly people of Bhutan compliments travelling to Bhutan. Trips to the Kingdom of Bhutan enables travelers to live through these unique possessions of this tiny country which makes it one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

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