Next travel destination is Bhutan- Details

If the cosmic vibrations around you tend to infuse an everlasting love of travel in you for no known reasons and you are probably wondering where you should be traveling to, over a coffee, every time you surf the internet it’s about time you realize the coffee is cold and you have found your next travel destination as I have summed up 10 reasons that sure packs a punch for you to choose Bhutan.

Witness the only nation that values happiness over wealth.

In this tiny Himalayan kingdom of ours, economic prosperity is measured in terms of happiness and not wealth. Bhutan measures it on a Gross National Happiness Index centering on good governance, economic self reliance, cultural preservation and environmental conservation. His Majesty the 4th King Jigme Singye Wangchuck himself coined the term when attending an interview as he said “We do not believe in Gross National Product. Gross National Happiness is more important.”

Experience Buddhism.

Whatever religion or belief system we may choose to trail, it’s hard not to appreciate the values of Buddhism.  For instance, a simple idea that we are all born with three poisons: hatred, greed and ignorance is just incontestable. Further teachings propose that we should work to rid ourselves of these three poisons to attain enlightenment. Or that we should accept disappointments and sufferings as part of life, and try to get detached from materialism.

Get startled by the wildlife in Bhutan.

The most famous Bhutanese cuisine is known as Ema Datshi whose focal ingredient is chili and cheese and when I say “chili” I mean a lot of it. It is not hard to recognize a local dish here in the country, hint; it includes chilies (lot of chilies). Trying out these local spicy dishes anywhere in the country is going to be a real fun experiment!

Experience the preservation of cultural heritage  

Across the centuries Bhutan has trodden a long way balancing modern development along with preserving its unique cultural traditions paving its identity as a sovereign nation. Cultures like weaving with handlooms, architectural systems, arts and crafts, archery sports are the oldest cultures which haven’t been altered much in terms of interest and beauty even to this modern era. Cultural heritage is the face and identity of the country and if you happen to be in the country you will know how and why.

Festivals in Bhutan

Festivals like Tshechus and domchhes are celebrated in almost every district inside dzongs and monasteries. These festivals include unique mask dances, cultural programs and even cleansing of consciousness and getting blessed through display of huge thangkas (painting on cotton, or silk applique, usually depicting a Buddhist deity, scene, or mandala). These festivals bring along multitude of viewers, both locals and tourists every year.

Witness the World famous Taktshang AKA “Tiger’s Nest”

Lynching on a cliff 10,200 feet above the Paro town, the Tiger’s Nest Monastery is said to be completed in 1692. The monastery has though gone through minor restorations due to fire break outs it still retains its mind boggling features. It is believed that Padmasambhava (Guru Rimpoche) flew there on the back of a tigress. It is one of the most sacred places in the country that you must visit.

The best honeymoon destination 

If it’s about spending time together without mails, crowds, malls or Mc Donald Bhutan is surely the best honeymoon destination you can find around the globe. You could always choose to visit serene mountain trails and camp by the riversides or even explore sacred monasteries to create the most beautiful memories of you lives together.

Weather at its finest form 

Due to the fact that Bhutan’s altitude is much high it experiences moderate rainfall in the central and most part of the country in the summer season and the winter is characterized by fair snowfall. Be it weather or climatic conditions Bhutan will always remain one of the best tourist travel destination even solely due to its pleasant weather.

Breath some fresh air 

Bhutan is the only carbon negative country in the world. Which means it absorbs all the carbon dioxide it produces by virtue of its massive forest cover that plasters 72% of the total landmass. Therefore it is apparent as crystal whenever you step in Bhutan the air you breathe is fresher than it was anywhere else in the globe and Bhutan is definitely your next travel destination.

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