Mongar is one among the six districts that makes the eastern Bhutan. It borders Bumthang, Lhuentse, Pema Gatshel and Trashigang. Mongar covers an area of 1,954 sq. km and ranges from 400 m to 4,000 m in altitude. Mongar District has a population of approximately 38,000 persons. Deep Gorges and stark cliffs amidst dense conifer forest constitute its landscapes and the landscape is spectacular with stark cliffs and deep gorges set amidst dense conifer forests. This region produces one of the best fabrics and textiles. The weavers from this region are known for their ability to weave. During the earlier days, the area has produced some of the finest administrators called the Dzongraps, whose descendants still play an active role in the political field of the country. The road to Mongar is one of the most adventurous and spectacular. The sheer cliffs, beautiful fir forest and green pastures constitute the environment as you drive to Mongar. The area also gives the opportunity to see countless varieties of rhododendrons and on clear days the view of the mountain Gangkar Puensum, (7541 meters), the world’s highest unclimbed mountain, is a great experience.

Places of Interest in Mongar

Mongar Dzong: This Dzong was first built in 1930s and among the newest dzongs in Bhutan. The Dzong was rebuilt in 1953 and uniquely it has two entrances. Though the Dzong was built in the 20th century, the age old traditions of all the other Dzongs have been carefully taken into account in building the Dzong. No drawings or nails have been used in building the Dzong. There are about 60 young monks residing in this Dzong. You will see the images of the Buddha of long life, as well as Guru Rinpoche and the Zhabdrung in the Dzong.

Yakang Lhakhang: At a distance of 20 minutes of walk from the Mongar town is this privately owned Lhakhang. The Lhakhang was founded by Lama Sangdag, the sixth son of Terton Pema Lingpa and depository of a number of spiritual treasures and other sacred objects which is believed to have been revealed by Terton Pema Lingpa.

Drametse Lhakhang: This Lhakhang is one of the largest and most important monastery in the eastern Bhutan. The lhakhang is situated about in the Trashigang-Mongar highway. The Lhakhang was founded by Ani Choten Zangmo in the 16th century. She was the granddaughter of Terton Pema Lingpa. The lhakhang has a wide varieties of spiritual treasures and other sacred objects and is deeply associated with the Peling tradition of Buddhism and Terton Pema Lingpa. It is a great source of spiritual inspiration to the people of Drametse and neighbouring communities.The annual festival known as Kaggsol Chenmo, Trel Da Tshechu and Daw Drugpai Choep is held in this lhakhang. During this time local people from Mongar and Trashigang gather at Drametse Lhakhang to witness the festival.