Trongsa Dzong


Trongsa lies at an altitude of 2300 M in the central part of Bhutan and is also known as the Vanguard of the Warriors. The town is located on a steep ridge. In the earlier days, Trongsa was considered the most crucial place in controlling the kingdom. Because of the location of the place, all the hotels in Trongsa offer great views. The first and Second Kings of Bhutan ruled Bhutan from Trongsa. And The Crown Prince normally holds the position of the Trongsa Penlop before ascending to the Throne. In these regards, Trongsa is historically important place.

Trongsa Dzong

The Dzong is considered as one of the most impressive Dzongs in Bhutan. The Dzong was built by Chogyal Minjur Tempa, the official who was sent by Zhabdrung to unify Eastern Bhutan and enlarged at the end of the 17th century by Desi Tenzin Rabgay. Trongsa Dzong is the ancestral home of the present Royal Family. The first two hereditary kings ruled Bhutan from this Dzong.

Ta Dzong

This is as ancient watch tower, a cylindrical stone structure of five storeys. It was built in the year 1652 by Chogyal Minjur Tempa as per the directions of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal. Now, it has been converted into a museum and represents a tasteful blend of tradition and modernity. The Museum has around 224 items on display. Some of the important items includes, a bronze statue of Pema Lingpa (which is said to be made by himself),a sacred image of Sung Joenma Dorji Chang (Self spoken Vajradharna),  age old dance and ritual costumes, ancient prayer books, paintings, textiles, etc. The chapel inside is said to be dedicated to the Trongsa Penlop Jigme Namgyal.

Chendebji Chorten

This chorten is located approximately four hour drive from Wangduephodrang. The Chorten looks like the Swayambhunath temple in Kathmandu. It was built in 18th century by Lama Shida, of Tibet, to cover the remains of an evil spirit which is said to have manifested as a gigantic snake.

Chendebji Chorten, Trongsa
Chendebji Chorten, Trongsa

Thruepang Palace

This is a two storied simple palace. The palace is located just above the highway in the town and is the birth place of our Late King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, who was born here on 2nd May 1928 to King Jigme Wangchuck and Ashi Puntsho Choden. Most of the childhood days of His Majesty Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, the third King of Bhutan was spent here. The other palace of interest is the Eundu Choling Palace which was the winter residence of the 1st King Ugyen Wangchuck.

Kuenga Rabten Palace

It is approximately an hour drive through the 23 km road on Trongsa – Zhemgang Highway to reach Kuenga Rabten. The road passes through an open countryside over a river gorge. In this region the land slopes quite gently and it can be interesting to explore the field and villages around here. The Kuenga rabten Palace here was the winter palace of the second King, Jigme Wangchuk. Currently the Palace is looked after by the National Commission for Cultural Affairs.

Other Places of Interest in Trongsa

Trekking through the Royal Heritage trail and the Nabji Korphu community based trek is among the other things that can be done here in Trongsa.