Golden Langur in Zhemgang district


Zhemgang Dzongkhag in Central Bhutan is among the less visited places in Bhutan. The district is a perfect destination for adventurous nature lovers. Tourism is still in infancy here and the infrastructures are yet to be developed, however you get to see the untouched and undisturbed flora and fauna here.

The district is blessed with a rich biodiversity and its lush forests are home many different species including 22 endangered animal species. The area starts in the central region and extends till the southern border of central Bhutan. The northern regions have moderately cool temperatures and as you travel towards the south it changes to warm and humid climate.

Apart for geography, flora and fauna, one of the notable interests in Zhemgang is the ancient Bon (Animist) religious practices which are still practiced. Though Buddhism is the main religion the animist traditions and rituals are still practiced.

The inhabitants are famous for their skills at bamboo and cane crafts where they make Bangchungs (matted bamboo bowls), Palangs (alcohol containers), Balaks (hats), mats and boxes.  They are also experts in earthenware products which were highly prized throughout the country in the past. They have rich culture. Their folk songs and dances are unique and famous.

The biggest treasure of the Zhemgang district is the Royal Manas National Park. This is the oldest nature reserves in the country and its incredible biodiversity includes hundreds of rare animal and plant species such as Golden Langurs, Gangetic Dolphins and the Asian One-horned Rhinoceros. Some of these species cannot be seen anywhere in the world. The Park is one of the most outstanding nature preserves in the world and the most biologically diverse protected area in the kingdom.